Island hopping pilgrim style

At the beginning of our journey. We started our trip early in morning, we met in Turku center and took the bus to Pargas. The journey began with a small a mistake. We took the föli bus that doesn’t go any further than Pargas, and our starting point was Sattmark which is 9 km from Pargas. Luckily a 10 minute ride with a taxi was an easy solution. Our taxi driver was really cool and interested about our journey. She explained some things about the summer season and tourism in Pargas. Finally we had arrived at our starting point Sattmark. From Sattmark we had to walk about 9 km to take the ferry to the Nagu Island. The route was easy, we were walking on a rocky cycling road next to the main road. It was still early in the morning so there wasn’t much traffic. Everyone was happy and the mood was on top. We were all looking forward for our 3-day hiking trip and explore the Finnish archipelago.IMG_3294

Our journey the second day started really well. We spent the night in Västergård B&B. Really good accomodation. A calm and relaxing place, suited us hikers perfect to load the batteries for the next days. The breakfast was rich, we were offered different kinds of hams, cheeses, youghurts and cereals. And coffee of course to awake the mind and soul. After the breakfast we packed our stuff and left. Our plan was to hike until Nagu and then from Nagu head west around the lake to our next resting place which was in Grännäs. In the morning the sun wasn’t shining but it wasn’t cold either. Our first 7 km of hiking took place throught small roads surrounded by big fields and small forests. Really beautiful landscapes with a great feeling of the Finnish nature. We took some paths throught the woods and walked next to the two small lakes before Nagu. Luckily the weather turned out great and the sun was shining for a couple of hours. We had a rest next to the one lake and enjoyed the nature.

After we catched the ferry to Nagu island we took a small break near the port. We had cup of coffee that we had bought on the other side and had some snacks. Now that we were on the island the journey had officially began. We had planned a meeting with James 11.30 to give us some more information and take us to a nice path throught the woods and up to the highest point of the island. The mini trip with James turned out to be one of the best things of our journey. James knows a lot of things about the archipelago and is an experienced hiker with a deep knowledge about survival in the wild. At the highest point of the hill we had a coffee break while enjoying the view. We had the luck to taste some wild products James had brought with him. James continued hiking with us for a while and then left at the end of the path.

The beginning of the route was great. When we left Grännäs we walked on small roads throught the forest. It was really calm and you could only hear the nature. Unfortunately our hike throught the forest didn’t last so long that day. We walked more than 12 km on the main road. Still it was a good experience because we had a target, to reach Korpo and end our journey. The highlight of our day was we we heard the sirens of the ice-cream truck. An ice-cream suited great for two tired hikers on a sunny day. The end had come. The last survivors had reached their destination. After 3 days hiking and 70 kilometers on our back we had arrived to Korpo. Our bodies were tired but our minds full of new experiences. Directly that we arrived to Korpo we went to our rooms to have a rest (or siesta). The last day we walked totally 25 km. After the siesta we had dinner and then went back to the hotel to discuss our journey.

Day 2, the hardest day. When we arrived in Nagu we went first to the market to buy some snacks and had a break. The snacks werent enough and it was time for lunch. We had lunch at a restaurant and sat a while until the food was down and we could continue. For some reason we decided to walk throught the forest and then walk next to the lake. The terrain was hard and going up and down all the time. Even if it was hard it was nice to escape the civilisation and get a full experience of the nature. We were mostly on high hills so the view was great. After a point we realized that we were walking too slow so headed to some “normal” road. When we found the road we still had to walk for about 7 km. Everyone was getting tired and the mood was down. Even of the difficult circumstances and the tireness we were finally approaching to Grännäs. We arrived and the host welcomed us warmly. We had some sandwiches and tea at the hotels restaurant. After that it was time for a shower and a long rest.

Spiridos Felekis


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